urbansitterWhy Urbansitter.com is the Perfect Resource for Parents

Getting to Know Urbansitter.com

Many parents consider finding a babysitter a nightmare.  Because the process proves to be difficult (and often frustrating), plenty of parents choose to just stay at home if they do not have family available to take care of their kids for a while.  With the arrival of Urbansitter.com, parents can now enjoy more time for themselves because the website makes the search for reliable and trustworthy sitters quick and easy.  At first glance, it seems like Urbansitter.com is just like every other national online caregiver network out there.  However, the website sets itself apart, and in the best ways.

What Makes Urbansitter.com Unique

Urbansitter.com is similar to the other online networks only in terms of how the website works.  Parents create an account, then they either post a job or search for sitters based on time, date as well as other preferences.  They can view the profiles of the sitters, which include important information such as availability, hourly rates, credentials and location preferences.  Once they found the sitter they like, they can book the individual of their choice.

What makes Urbansitter.com truly unique is that it combines word of mouth with technology, specifically social media.  In the past, parents got babysitter recommendations on the playground.  When they are hanging out with friends who are also parents or other parents in their area, they get to talk about the sitters they hire and whether or not they are good at what they do.  Basically, sitters get jobs through word of mouth; this is because parents are most inclined to consider babysitters who are trusted by people they know and trust. What Urbansitter.com does is that it eliminates the need for parents to go to the playground just to get recommendations because they can get it online.

Founded by four busy parents, Urbansitter.com is an online resource as well as a community match service that enables parents to check out only the babysitters known by their own network.  In other websites, parents have many sitters to choose from, but most of these have never been hired by anyone from their social circles.  In the case of Urbansitter.com, the parents’ sitter options are limited to those individuals recommended by family members, friends and associations (such as schools, parent groups and sports teams).  The limitation is not exactly a bad thing—after all, what parents are after are sitters they know they can trust enough to leave their children with.

Urbansitter.com connects parents and sitters with the help of Facebook.  This is why for parents and sitters interested to use this service, having an account with the social networking website is a must.  It is important to note that parents and sitters do not see each other’s Facebook profiles on the website; Urbansitter.com only makes use of Facebook to determine one’s social connections.  However, parents can add Facebook ‘Likes’ on a specific sitter’s profile. The website also enables the parents to make ratings and write reviews about their sitters, and these can be seen by other parents in their network.

Other Reasons to Love Urbansitter.com

One feature that parents will absolutely love about Urbansitter.com is its search function.  The website enables parents to find sitters based on location, date and time, but it also helps them narrow down their choices thanks to the variety of options available.  Parents can sort the results by basic factors such as age, experience, rate and even reviews; they can also filter the search results if they have specific requirements such as languages and educational background.  They can also determine which sitters have a background check, accept credit cards and have transportation.

The search function of Urbansitter.com is not only impressive—it is very important.  The presence of this feature shows that the website truly understands that different families have different needs.  Babysitters are also not the same—some are better and more experienced when it comes to dealing with kids with certain conditions like ADHD or autism.  The website allows parents to find the right match for their situation.

Another reason to love Urbansitter.com is privacy.  Sure, the website makes use of Facebook and shows important details to other people.  However, this does not mean that it makes sensitive or personal information accessible to everyone.  It is only when a booking is confirmed that contact information are exchanged.  Parents can interview the sitter by phone, but they also have the option to conduct the interview in person.

Urbansitter.com is amazing enough as it is, but there is one good reason many parents in the United States love it right now (aside from the help it offers, of course): membership is for free.  Unlike other similar websites, this one allows parents to use the service free of charge.  While it is currently free, it is perfectly understandable that the website will charge a fee in the future.  As the business expands and accommodates a bigger user base, it is inevitable for the website to ask for payment.  Right now, Urbansitter.com is only charging a small fee if parents pay the sitter by credit card.

The Only Complaints about Urbansitter.com 

The only things to complain about Urbansitter.com is its limited range of service providers and its use of Facebook.  This website is only a resource for babysitters, unlike some competitors which serve as online resources for other service providers like pet walkers, tutors and housekeepers.  Also, there are many babysitters out there who do not have a Facebook account, and most of them have more experience.  Since most of the people involved in social media are younger ones (like college students or college graduates), parents may be missing out on help with a wealth of experience in child care.

The Last Word on Urbansitter.com

If you are a parent, Urbansitter.com is as good as it gets.  It is not perfect, but neither is it too good to be true—it is just good and it is for real.  If you need a last minute sitter that you can trust your kids with, this website will help you find the right one.  Take advantage of this service, especially while it is still free.