sitters.comWhy is Great for Finding Help – A Review – An Introduction

Established in 2000, is considered the third biggest in-home care website.  Throughout its first decade, the website has been able to successfully create a considerable sitter and parent network.  If such a website lasted for a long period of time, you know there is a reason people continue to use their services.  While was notable then, it is even more impressive now, thanks to  The latter, which is the largest and most trusted in-home care website in the United States, acquired the former in 2010.

Now powered by its once rival, is now better than ever.  The basics are still the same, though: if you are in need of a babysitter, sign up and be a part of the vast online community.  You can either post a job and have the qualified individuals come seek you, or you can do your own search by entering your zip code and browsing through the service providers’ profiles.

Though was created primarily to help people like you find babysitters and nannies, the website allows you to find other service providers such as senior care providers, pet sitters, dog walkers, housekeepers and tutors.  As a care seeking member, you have three payment options: monthly, quarterly and yearly.  The help that provides is limited to the United States.

What Makes A Top Choice

The best things about are unsurprisingly also the most notable things about  It should not be a surprise that has adopted what are the most raveworthy about its now sister company.  However, it is necessary to point out that was already commendable then, and the acquisition improved only what was already there.

So what are the best things about The most remarkable thing that the website offers to its care seeking members is security and all those that make it such a top choice is related to security. This is the reason is rated by Parenting magazine as one of the safest online websites for finding care providers.

One of the things that guarantees safety is’s comprehensive care provider profiles.  All competitor websites include experience and availability schedules in the care providers’ profiles, but this particular website takes it one step further. profiles not only come with photos and videos, but they are also complete with training and certification details, references, ratings and reviews.  All these information would easily allow you to find the best person who can offer you help, regardless of the kind of help you actually need.  Since everything is already available, choosing the right service provider becomes such an easier task.

The references, ratings and reviews are the ones most handy for care seekers like you.  Before you even contact the person, you would be able to find out if he or she is indeed reliable and up to scratch based on the feedback of the people who previously hired him or her.  This is what makes a great choice in times when you suddenly need help—in case of last minute emergencies, you can find what you need in a snap without worrying that you made a bad decision.

Another thing that ensures safety is’s thorough selection process.  You need not worry about being scammed or being contacted by a fraudulent service provider.  The website ensures you get highly qualified individuals as service providers  through what they call the All-Mom Editorial Team.  The website has its own set of resident Moms in charge of going through each job posting and profile.  Every job posting and profile you see on the online community is reviewed by a Mom and features a link to the biography of the Mom who reviewed it.  If you are curious about the people behind such team, you should know that every member has a Bachelor’s Degree as well as 5 years of corporate business experience.

Other Key Reasons Why You Should Choose

If the aforementioned things are not yet enough to convince you just how amazing is, then you must know many other things about this online service.  Unlike many of its competitors, the website does not claim to have hundreds or thousands of service providers in its roster.  Instead, it honestly tells you that what they have in their network are individuals actively interested to provide care or render similar services.  This goes to show that the website is not out to impress you with quantity or big numbers; rather, it lets you see for yourself what is truly available to you in terms of quality services.

Also, allows you to find help in three ways. The common way of finding help through the website is searching by zip code or location, and narrowing down the list based on personal preferences.  However, you have the option to find babysitters, nannies or other service providers by required skills or qualifications.  Basically, it helps you find the right person according to the factors  you consider as most important.  Meanwhile, you will be alerted every time a provider applies for a job through auto notification.

One thing you will surely appreciate is’s excellent customer service.  The website comes with 24/7 phone support.  You can call at any hour and even during weekends and holidays, and you can expect someone on the other end of the line.  If you prefer to communicate through email, you can do that too.  When you send a message, you can count on a response the same day.

The Verdict on

Without a doubt, is a highly recommended website.  It offers a fast, safe and very convenient way to find help whether you need help immediately or not.  Probably the only thing to complain about is the prices for membership.  These are not high, but only care seekers are required to pay them.  If you are a care provider, you can register for free.  You would not complain much about the billing options, though.  For as low as $25 a month to as high as $120 a year, you get what you pay for—and much, much more.