reviewsIs it just an online gimmick or a breath of fresh air in babysitting services?

What is Sittercity?

Sittercity is a website set to take the stress out of finding a babysitter and make the issue so much easier for parents by providing them with a reliable, friendly on-line service that is both effortless and convenient. The idea, which takes on some of the ideas of social media through profiles, ratings and a community element is both revolutionary and the answer parents have been always been searching for, but amazingly has been running since 2001.

This decade of experience not only means they are a respectable, professional service it also means that they have built up of database of over 2 million profiles of reliable sitters ready to take on jobs. The site is free to join for those looking for vacancies but there is a membership fee for parents – $70 a year or $35 a month – however there is the extra incentive of a week’s free trial and free membership for military families.

Sittercity turn the hassle of finding a babysitter into a breeze.

Finding a babysitter can be an unwanted hassle, especially if you are looking for last-minute emergency cover and dialing agencies and family members looking for anybody that is free. This is not the way to hire a sister, hiring when stressed and under pressure can lead to poor choices and potentially a sitter that is unreliable and poorly qualified.

By signing up with Sittercity, parents can take a lot of the stress out of searching for a sitter. Once you have joined, the site’s massive database of professionals is ready and waiting for your next job. When you have a vacancy, even if it is for that coming night, by simply posting it on the website you can have a host of candidates from the area applying within hours, and then you get the chance to check their profiles and carefully select the sitter you feel is best suited to the position before hiring them. It really is that straightforward.

The beauty of using a community based website such as this is not only can you get a better idea of your sitter before you hire them, you can choose between people with specific qualities and experience for greater peace of mind and know that the resource is always there for you whenever you need it – unlike family, friends and other casual sitters with other commitments. The whole system is friendly, effortless and efficient.

Sittercity provide more than just a babysitter.

While Sittercity is primarily designed to find a babysitter for any occasion at any time; there is so much more that parents can receive by signing up to the site’s services. The baby sitter roles are not limited to time of day or length of job; whether you require somebody to cover a night while you enjoy some much needed relaxation with your other half away from home, or perhaps some after-school cover to watch over the kids before you return from work, the extensive database and range of candidates that you will have applying for your vacancy means you can have a much better chance of finding somebody suitable. There are even sitters willing to take on weekend jobs.

Away from the childcare aspect of the business, there are also plenty of additional services provided by individuals with the same level of professionalism. Sittercity can provide you with carers for elderly relatives – with a wealth of experience and skills – and even people to look after your pets who provide everything from walking and feeding to expert grooming. If that wasn’t enough, there are also tutors signed up to the site to make after-school care even more rewarding, and cleaners to take away the stresses of post-work chores. It’s possible that by posting your job on the site you could stumble across an applicant that will have the children’s homework and the housework completed and the dog walked, all before you come home! This may, however, be asking Sittercity for a little too much.

Security is the number one priority at Sittercity

With all the talk of tutors and cleaners and candidates willing to look after Grandma as well as the children, it may seem like Sittercity have put more effort into finding a range of skilled candidates for their database than in carefully selecting the ones that parents can trust – this is however not the case. Security is the number one priority with this company, as is clearly shown with their pledge and statements across the website, and they aim to provide you with somebody reliable and safe no matter which family members you need to provide care for.

Security is seemingly guaranteed by signing up with Sittercity because they promote their “Four Step Screening Process” where prospective sitters and nannies are interviewed, asked for references to clarify their experience, given a thorough background check to check that they meet all the correct requirements for working with children and then hired. The security of the site and the pledges given by sitters who join up ensure that you are not putting your children’s safety in the hand of just anybody.

In addition to this, you can also check the reputation of a sitter applying for your post by reading the ratings and reviews on their profile, which have been provided by other users of the site who have previously hired them. A five-star sitter with glowing reviews on Sittercity is therefore potentially more reliable than one hired from another source and you are given the added comfort of belonging to a community where you can share experiences and form relationships.


In summary, Sittercity is highly recommended as a resource for finding reliable, skilled babysitters and carers because it is so simple to use, provides an extensive and continuous supply of professionals, and focuses so intensely on the safety and security of your family. Having these sitters – and the ability to easily view their profiles and reviews – means finding a sister is stress-free for both your current vacancy and any others to come. Once you are signed up to the community you can let the applicants come to you while you pick the very best.

Registering and experiencing the benefits is simple and cost-effective, but if you still have doubts why not opt for their free trial and see how it goes – from your first vacancy you are sure to find that Sittercity ticks all the boxes in terms of babysitting requirements.

How to get 40% off of the membership fee
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  2. Enter your details and click “Join Now” to proceed (Registration is also required for the weeklong free trial run)
  3. Select a membership: Premium (You save $14), Standard (You save $14), or “Free Trial”
  4. Check the total and make sure the savings are applied.
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