Nannies4HireThis review of includes information on what services they provide, their customer service, their Better Business Bureau rating, and what others have to say about them.

What Is A Nanny?

If this is the first time you’ve considered hiring a nanny, you’re probably asking yourself:


  • What is a nanny?
  • What does a nanny do?
  • Why should I hire one?
  • How can I find one that I can trust?
  • How do I know my children will be safe?
  • Does a nanny live with us?

A nanny is a childcare provider for your children whose responsibility is to tend to all the needs of your children.

A nanny can be of the “live-in” variety or of the “live-out” variety.

The live-in nanny lives in your home, and feeds, bathes, plays with, entertains, and generally cares for your children as you would.

A live-in nanny can also perform various household chores such as running errands, house cleaning, laundry, general meal preparation and so on.

The live-out nanny lives outside of your home, but comes to your home during a fixed set of hours to provide the same services.

Preparing Yourself To Hire A Nanny

Hiring a nanny isn’t just about finding the right person to care for your children. It’s also about preparing yourself emotionally to give up a substantial part of your child-raising duties to another person.

When hiring a nanny you need to do your homework. Here are some things to consider before beginning your search:

  • Make a list of your expectations and requirements.
  • Decide what hours the nanny will work.
  • Decide what level of experience you are looking for.
  • Decide what kind of childcare philosophy and values are important for your nanny to represent.
  • Decide what kind of household duties you will require.

How Do I Hire A Nanny?

Hiring a nanny off the street can be an exasperating and dangerous proposition. You’ll have to place an ad, interview potential candidates, pay to run a background check on each candidate, call four or five references for each candidate, have your children meet and react to each candidate, negotiate job responsibilities for each candidate, review the resume of each candidate, negotiate a salary for each candidate and so on.

But there is an easier way. You can hire a nanny matching service like

Nannies4Hire The Service has been in the nanny business since 1987 and is arguably the largest and most successful nanny matching service available anywhere at any price.

And they not only match nannies to individual families, they also provide nannies and childcare for hundreds of major corporations in both the United States and Canada.

The president of Nannies4hire, Candi Wingate, is a mother herself who has made her website extremely safe and easy to use. She has made numerous television appearances including The Learning Channel program “Jon & Kate plus 8” to help them find a nanny for their eight children, E! True Story, the Insider and The Today Show.

Nannies4Hire Is Trusted By Some Big Names

Here’s a brief run down on some of the heavy weights that use and endorse Nannies4Hire:

  • They are trusted by Dr. Phil of television fame to provide childcare services for his guests.
  • The “Boston Globe” newspaper published an article on them which included Candi Wingate’s advice on background checks and online childcare providers.
  • Psychology Today published an article by Candi Wingate entitled, “Cost-Effective Childcare Options”.
  • did a column featuring Nannies4Hire in a positive light.
  • Good Morning America contacted Candi Wingate as an expert contributor for a story they were doing on nannies.
  • Nannies4Hire was featured in Parenting Magazine.
  • Fox 17 featured Candi Wingate in a daily television series on caring for kids.
  • And many more.

How The Service Works

You pay a one-time fee which can range from $99.99 to $199.99 to access their database of nannies which can include a comprehensive background check on the nanny-to-be.

Each nannies individual profile gives you personal and general information about the person. Things such as their nationality, whether or not they smoke, what their height and weight is, if they have children of their own, their level of education, what languages they are proficient in, whether or not they have a driver’s license, what their philosophy on raising children is and so on.

Once inside the website you’ll also have access to:

  • Unlimited nanny resumes, profiles and job postings.
  • Printable hiring forms.
  • Sample contracts.
  • Sample interview questions.
  • A nanny matching service.
  • Top nanny picks.
  • Advanced search.
  • And more.

You can even choose from several levels of background checks which in the most comprehensive package includes, a multi-state criminal history search, driving record search, social security number trace, and a multi-state sex offender lookup.

Superior Customer Service

The Nannies4Hire website even provides a live online customer service chat to answer your questions, or give you help in making your decision – at no additional cost. In fact, you can chat with them for free without even signing up. We found this chat service to be quick, informative, courteous, friendly and knowledgeable.

When you visit their website you can enter your zip code and preview available nanny listings for your area even before you become a member.

In addition, the ‘Contact Us’ page of their website provides a ticketing system and a means to contact them via email.

What The Better Business Bureau Has To Say

The Better Business Bureau of Norfolk Nebraska has logged only 3 complaints against Nannies4Hire since the founding of the company in 1987. The outcome of each of these complaints is listed by the BBB as, “BBB found business made good faith effort to resolve complaint,” giving them an overall favorable rating.

What Others Have To Say

The real proof of any product or service is in what the people who use that product or service have to say about it.

A comprehensive survey of Nannies4Hire reviews, testimonials and comments reveal nothing but positive remarks with no real criticisms.

Here’s a sampling:

* can save a family thousands of dollars in comparison to using a nanny placement agency…”

“…I received responses to our listing immediately and within a couple
of days, we were interviewing and hiring our new nanny. I’m so glad that I came across your site and will gladly recommend it!”

“With the site’s clean and unique design, the home page gives you a warm feeling as soon as you step in.”

“We joined out of desperation and it is amazing the quality of people we have been able to find.”

“We have found a terrific nanny through your service. I can’t thank you enough for the ease in using your site. It was painless! The matching system was a perfect way to sift through the files and find the perfect person for our family! Thank you so much!”

The Safest And Best Nanny Service Available

It’s rare to find a service that is both the best in its category and one of the cheapest in its category.

However, that’s just what you get with

While a survey of the reviews and comments for several ‘other’ nanny sites turned up a cornucopia of horror stories, was consistently praised.

And the extremely affordable cost is just icing on the cake.

However, we give our highest recommendation to