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What is All About

The name of the website itself says it all.  Just like the many websites that came before it, connects people to the care providers they need and helps care providers find jobs.  It serves as an online resource for parents to find babysitters whenever they need them and for babysitters  to get good jobs.  The name is rather deceiving, because at first glance it seems like the website is only good for locating and serving babysitters.  However, is truly a versatile tool: it can be used to find and hire nannies, au pairs, tutors, senior care providers, housekeepers and pet sitters.

Unfortunately, the website does not offer much information to a random visitor.  There is no ‘About Us’ page to consult, so it leaves one curious about many things regarding the website. Nonetheless, what is accessible to the public is interesting, and it is enough to make both parents and care providers sit up and take notice. is a Sittercity company.

What Makes Similar to Other Sitter Websites

Like every other babysitter finder website, enables interested parents to find a care provider with the use of a zip code.  In the home page itself, anyone can look for a helper to hire either by city or state.  Parents can narrow down their choices by refining their search through four categories: general information (transportation, background check, photo, reviews, non-smoker), distance, user reviews and years of experience.

The care provider’s profile in is impressive because it is comprehensive.  It covers everything from education, hobbies and interests, proficiencies, languages spoken, religion, working experience and rates, reviews and references, additional services, skills and certifications, as well as background check and availability.  All the aforementioned information can be viewed even by non-members, except for the references, background check and availability.

Anyone can enjoy the service of for free thanks to a week-long trial.  Without paying the fee, a parent can post a job and review applicants.  However, to truly take advantage of the service, it would be best to be a member.  A would-be member has two options for payment: standard and premium.  Standard, which is the monthly option, is worth $35.  It grants the member unlimited access to the website for a month and connects her with local care providers.  Premium, or the annual payment option, costs $70.  It offers great value for money because it would amount to only less than $6 a month, but it comes with a full year of unlimited access as well as 3 free background checks, which normally amounts to over $40.

Signing up is easy for parents, and so is joining for babysitters and other service providers.  Though the website requires more detailed information from care providers than care seekers, filling out the registration form is not much of a challenge.

What Makes Different from Other Sitter Websites

It is important to point out that while is not exactly original in terms of babysitter websites, it does manage to stand out among the competition. is made unique thanks to a few worthy additions to the website.

Probably the best feature of is Sitter Tips.  It is like a blog guide for parents and care providers alike.  All the articles included are relevant for care seekers and care givers.  Topics discussed in the website include places to find babysitters (excluding the website), the amount to pay for the sitter, how to hire a good babysitter, how and why to become a babysitter, how to handle tantrums, babysitter safety, and babysitter interview questions, among others.

Sitter Tips is a nice touch because it makes more than just an online search engine for babysitters and other service providers.  With the helpful information it offers, the website is able to present itself as an educational resource as well.  It does not only help individuals find help or jobs, but it also gives them significant things to think about and consider.  Finding help and offering care are not always easy, so it is a treat to have something to make either less troublesome.

Another interesting feature of is a document available for any parent (member or not) to download—the Sitter Checklist, also known as the Cheat Sheet.  Before a babysitter can take care of a child (or children), naturally she would have a few questions to ask; the answers to these questions are what would enable her to do her job well.  The Cheat Sheet the website provides spares parents the long question and answer portion with the hired help.  All parents have to do is fill in the missing details and hand it over to the chosen care provider.  The Sitter Checklist, which contains the poison control number, asks for basic but crucial information like the following: details of the closest neighbor and doctor,  house and TV rules, allowed playtime activities, meal time and foods not to give to the child, as well as time for sleeping and bedtime instructions.

The other feature all parents would appreciate is the Babysitter Rate Calculator.  This tool was created to help parents determine just how much to pay for the services of a babysitter.  Three factors are considered in the rate computation: the number of children, age of sitter and years of experience.  The zip code is also necessary in the tool.  This tool is most helpful for parents who have not hired babysitters in the past and are clueless about service rates.

The Last Word on

Without a doubt, offers little when it comes to information regarding the company itself.  It does more than make up for the vagueness with detailed profiles and great additions.  It is a genius idea to make more than just a search tool for local care givers, though that is its main purpose. With the informative blog, the cheat sheet and the calculator, parents and care providers (even those non-members) have more reasons to visit the website.