Getting Help from An Online Resource – A Review

What is All About

It is never easy to find help.  If you are a mother, you know exactly how challenging it can be.  You would not trust your children or other loved ones with just anybody, and this is why you seek service providers with sufficient experience, among other things.

Candi Wingate is also a mother, and this is why she understands the dilemma that many mothers face.  To address the problem of mothers out there, she established in 2008.  It is an online database designed to help anyone in the United States and Canada to find the service provider they need.  It is affiliated with similar websites like and

As the name suggests, is not just a resource for babysitters.  This will also help you find housekeepers, gardeners, tutors, pet sitters and even personal assistants.  Whatever kind of help you need, you are bound to find it in this website.  While the comprehensive range of services that makes accessible to you is not unique to their website, this does not mean they are indistinguishable from the competition. The Dr. Phil Show relies on (and its affiliates) to find help for their guests, and the fact that such a show trusts the website tells you that you can expect to find quality services in here.

How do you get help through First, you create a profile wherein you describe your family and the kind of help your family needs.  Once your profile is posted, you will be receiving emails from prospective caregivers or service providers.  You can check out service providers in your area (or at least those in areas within reasonable distance from yours) by typing in your zip code.  There are three levels of membership and two payment plan options: monthly plan and yearly plan.  However, you can try the service for free for two weeks.

Why You Should Consider Using to Find Help

There are many reasons why is a good choice and worth a try.  First of all, setting up an account is a breeze.  Creating a profile is easy and straightforward—you would not need help with this one.  Second, registration is affordable.  If you choose to go with the monthly plan, you will be paying $34.99 for the first month and $9.99 for the succeeding months.  You are better off paying with the yearly plan, as you will be charged $79.

The good thing about is that the website allows you to give their online database a try before committing through its free 7 day preview.  With the free 7 day preview, you will be able to post your profile for potential service providers to view and these service providers can also send you a message regarding the job. This means that the preview will give you an idea of what kind of responses you will get from the people who could offer you help without paying.  However, you will only be allowed to contact the service providers once you become a paying member.

Another perk that offers is privacy.  It is perfectly understandable if you are uncomfortable with the idea of sharing details about your family in your profile.  If you wish not to share your family’s information with others, you have the option to make your profile private.  This way you can do your own search and seek the service providers instead of them having to seek you. Though the database makes use of geographic searches, you can also find help based on different requirements.  You can find service providers based on rate, language and special needs thanks to CareMatch.  Meanwhile, if your situation requires more help than usual, the website offers special advertising so that you can find what you are looking for.  The best part about this service? It is free of charge.

One notable thing you will surely like about is that it makes the service providers’ profiles available for viewing.  All the details are there for you to see, such as experience, position duration (whether they work full-time or not), times and days of availability, and rate.  With all these information accessible, you would be able to easily make a decision.  References that provides (like sample interview questions) can also help in the decision-making process.

What You Will Find Disadvantageous About offers sample interview questions and reference check questions for a reason—you are going to need them.  Why? The website does not do background checks and screenings.  This is a major disadvantage if you are looking to find help immediately because you cannot hire them without doing all the background work yourself.  Another thing you may complain about is the fact that you cannot view all the key information of a particular service provider at one click; this is certainly a hassle, especially if you have plenty of emails to go through.

The Last Word on

Useful and reliable—this is what is.  If you need help, regardless of what kind of help it is, you will find it on their database.  It has more than enough elements to keep you interested in the service to keep using it.  Unfortunately, because of the lack of screening process or background checking, you may find this website a bit more inconvenient than other websites that do have such process.  While you can certainly find quality help in, this website is not able to guarantee that all service providers are skilled and the best people for the job.

It is important to remind you that is just an online database.  It is a very helpful resource, but a resource just the same.  This is why there is no pre-screening involved.  To ensure the safety of your loved ones, you have to take several steps to find the right match.  Since you would be doing quite a lot of work, with the interviews and reference checking, is more ideal to use when searching for long term employment rather than one time service.