Is 4sitters.com a Good Choice as a Babysitter Service Finder?

What Is 4sitters.com? 

The website 4sitters.com is one of the many babysitter service online resources available in the United States.  If you are a parent and are interested to use this website, you are probably wondering how it stands up to the competition.  You should know that this one does a pretty good job, and has been mentioned in publications such as the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal.

4sitters.com is a family owned company established by parents who know how difficult it is to find a babysitter or nanny.  The website works the same way as the others: it enables parents to find help whenever they need it, and allows service providers to find jobs.  Parents can get help either by posting a job or by seeking out the service providers themselves through the available profiles.  While the key function of 4sitters.com is to serve as a resource for babysitters and nannies, it can also be used to find other service providers such as tutors, house sitters, senior caregivers and pet sitters.

Why Should You Use 4sitters.com’s Babysitter Services?

There are several reasons why it is a good idea to try out the babysitter services of 4sitters.com.  The first reason is what makes it different from the competition: it allows for a very specific search.  Most websites let users or members find help by location using the zip code.  While there is nothing wrong with this, it often gives the parent too broad an area to consider because he or she will be looking for someone in entire cities.  This is most specially true with those sites that include in their search results service providers outside the area that the member specified.  With 4sitters.com, the search is focused on your neighborhood; you decide how far from your home you want to search.  The babysitters or nannies you will be finding in your search are within your immediate area.  Hence, you will be getting help from someone truly close to home.

Most babysitter services usually serve only major cities.  This is not surprising—there are more people in these areas, and thus, there are more service providers to be found.  Wherever there is demand, that is where the supply will be.  If you live in a small town, you need not stress about not finding someone to care or watch for your children if you cannot. 4sitters.com was designed not only to help parents in big cities but all parents in America and even in Canada.  By using the website, you can get help wherever you are in the country and regardless of the size of the town you are in.

Another thing you will appreciate about the website is the very detailed provider resumes/bios.  All babysitter resource websites provide profiles of individuals who provide child care, among other things.  However, 4sitters.com takes profiles to the next level by making theirs as particular as possible.

The company boasts that they have the most detailed babysitter resumes/bios on the Internet, and you will not have a hard time believing them.  After all, profiles include the following: years of babysitting or nanny experience, education, certifications, availability, pay rate, family background, transportation arrangements, languages spoken  and references.  While these categories are surely enough to help you determine if a babysitter or nanny is the right one for your family, the website still helps you make an informed decision. 4sitters.com does this through its intelligent matching tools which assist you in finding a compatible service provider.

In addition to the information available in the profiles, you can decide on a specific service provider with the help of 4sitters.com’s rating system.  Each babysitter, nanny and other service provider are rated in 5 key areas by parents or others who have hired their services.  When you look at provider resumes/bios, you do not only get to see the information given by the providers themselves; you also get the feedback of other members who have used their services in the past.  The ratings of other 4sitters.com members are valuable, as these can help you figure out whether you should hire that individual.

Another good reason why 4sitters.com is worth considering? It is affordable.  The membership to the website is perfect for parents—it definitely fits their budget.  Plus, you can view the babysitter and nanny resumes without being a member.  If you want to see what your options will be if you did become a member, you can register for free.  You are under no obligation to become a member.  If you see a service provider you like and wish to contact her, you should purchase a membership.

Are There Any Disadvantages to Using the Service?

As good as 4sitters.com is, it is not perfect.  First, the membership prices shown in the website are bound to confuse you, especially if you are a first time visitor.  In the home page, you will see three advertized rates: $19.99 is the monthly rate, $29.99 is the quarterly rate, and $59.99 is the yearly rate.  However, in the FAQ page, it is stated that the monthly rate is priced at $6.99 and an unlimited access/lifetime rate of $149.99.  Both monthly rates are without a doubt reasonable, but which one should you really pay?

Also, 4sitters.com’s best asset is probably its biggest flaw.  It is a great idea to specify one’s search in a neighborhood level, but at the same time, it significantly limits it.  If you live in a neighborhood where there are only a few babysitters, you are bound to have a problem if you suddenly need one and none of them are available.  The website encourages its members to notify them if there are not enough options, as they will start an advertising campaign.  While it is nice of them to do so, you also cannot wait for the campaign to get results.  If you are going to need help, you need to find one immediately.

So What’s The Last Word on 4sitters.com?

It is a good website that allows you access to quality services when you need it, but it needs to improve in some areas to be a worthy competitor.

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