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The name of the website itself says it all.  Just like the many websites that came before it, connects people to the care providers they need and helps care providers find jobs.  It serves as an online resource for parents to find babysitters whenever they need them and for babysitters  to get good jobs.  The name is rather deceiving, because at first glance it seems like the website is only good for locating and serving babysitters.  However, is truly a versatile tool: it can be used to find and hire nannies, au pairs, tutors, senior care providers, housekeepers and pet sitters. Read More

We all enjoy a night out away from the kids every now and again. In fact it is proven and recommended by relationship experts that all couples make a weekly date night where they get to go out on their own and leave the kids with a babysitter. This can however be very stressful for many parents, especially if you don’t have a nearby granny or other friend who can look after the kids. Finding a good, reliable, trustworthy babysitter is a time consuming job and one that you have to get right. There are many things that you have to look for:
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When it comes to selecting the best possible child care (What is child care) or preschool program (What are preschool programs) for your child, then there are several key areas that you need to look into before you go ahead and allow your child to go there.

Clearly this is something that requires you to take your time over, but hopefully the advice that follows will prove to be quite useful to you when it comes to trying to decide which preschool program is best for your child.
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Is a Good Choice as a Babysitter Service Finder?

What Is 

The website is one of the many babysitter service online resources available in the United States.  If you are a parent and are interested to use this website, you are probably wondering how it stands up to the competition.  You should know that this one does a pretty good job, and has been mentioned in publications such as the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal.

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Getting Help from An Online Resource – A Review

What is All About

It is never easy to find help.  If you are a mother, you know exactly how challenging it can be.  You would not trust your children or other loved ones with just anybody, and this is why you seek service providers with sufficient experience, among other things.

Candi Wingate is also a mother, and this is why she understands the dilemma that many mothers face.  To address the problem of mothers out there, she established in 2008.  It is an online database designed to help anyone in the United States and Canada to find the service provider they need.  It is affiliated with similar websites like and

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Why You Should Give A Try


Everyone is familiar with national online babysitter resources, those that allow parents to find and hire babysitters and nannies whenever they need them for a fee.  Some websites even go beyond child care—they also help their members or users find other service providers such as housekeepers, tutors, senior care givers and pet walkers.  Based on the name itself,, it is easy to assume that the website is just like the others.  While it is true that it does serve the same purpose, this online resource is definitely unique.  It will allow you to do something none of its competitors do: become a part of a cooperative where you can exchange sitting services with other parents.

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urbansitterWhy is the Perfect Resource for Parents

Getting to Know

Many parents consider finding a babysitter a nightmare.  Because the process proves to be difficult (and often frustrating), plenty of parents choose to just stay at home if they do not have family available to take care of their kids for a while.  With the arrival of, parents can now enjoy more time for themselves because the website makes the search for reliable and trustworthy sitters quick and easy.  At first glance, it seems like is just like every other national online caregiver network out there.  However, the website sets itself apart, and in the best ways.

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sitters.comWhy is Great for Finding Help – A Review – An Introduction

Established in 2000, is considered the third biggest in-home care website.  Throughout its first decade, the website has been able to successfully create a considerable sitter and parent network.  If such a website lasted for a long period of time, you know there is a reason people continue to use their services.  While was notable then, it is even more impressive now, thanks to  The latter, which is the largest and most trusted in-home care website in the United States, acquired the former in 2010.

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care.comHow Does Compare With Its Rivals And Is It Worth Signing Up For?

What is

If you are reading this review, you are mostly a parent looking for a new, simple way of finding a reliable babysitting service. With you can sign up to an online resource with links to sitters in your area and be provided with experienced, professional help for any job you post. Not only that, they can also help you find carers able to help with tutoring, caring for the elderly and pet sitting. All this can be found by searching the site’s database, which categorizes carers based on their skills and location and makes their details readily available for a much easier choice.

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What is Sittercity?

Sittercity is a website set to take the stress out of finding a babysitter and make the issue so much easier for parents by providing them with a reliable, friendly on-line service that is both effortless and convenient. The idea, which takes on some of the ideas of social media through profiles, ratings and a community element is both revolutionary and the answer parents have been always been searching for, but amazingly has been running since 2001.

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